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November 12 2014

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A daily ink drawing of Reddit's movie title typos.

inktober 2014

Day 1: Obocop
The story of how a police officer works through his PTSD and adjusts to his new robotic implants with the help of the sexy soothing sound of his oboe. 
Day 2: Rave
One red-haired Scottish girl. One dance floor. One unforgettable night.
Day 3: Men
A retired professor helps a rugged Canadian work through his aggression as he struggles to uncover his past. Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman star.
Day 4: Finding Emo
An insufferable teenage fish runs away from home. His father contemplates searching for him.
Day 5: Jurassic Par
Two dinosaurs set out to prove they're more than just killing machines. Thanks to a loophole in the rules they find a spot on the PGA tour and golf their way to the top of the food chain.
Day 6: Take 3
Liam Neeson stars in this Groundhog Day inspired movie about an actor cast in a series of nearly identical action movies. How many takes until he's free?
Day 7: Fight Cub
When deforestation threatens his home, one feisty bear fights back.
Day 8: Harry Otter
A young boy finds out who, and what, he is. Magic ensues.
Day 9: Aging Bull
A bovine pugilist comes out of retirement for one last fight. He loses.
Day 10: Pup Fiction
Two mob hit dogs go after a poodle who wrote a slanderous op-ed about their boss.
Day 11: Pretty in Ink
The "gritty" 2014 remake of the 80s classic. It's pretty much the same movie, just with more sick tattoos.
Day 12: T.
A boy finds a jewelry clad alien who speaks exclusively in aggressive yet well-meaning catchphrases.
Day 13: Raining Day
Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington play two narcotics officers who play hookie and spend a rainy day inside playing board games and drinking cocoa.
Day 14: Mr. and Mrs. Sith
Mr. and Mrs. Sith Two Jedi abandon the order for love. Also to shoot lightning from their hands. Because that's cool.
Day 15: Star Wars: A New Hoe
A farm boy, who apparently farms sand, fulfills his destiny and becomes the first farmer to do the kessel run in 12 parsecs.
Day 16: Pollo 13
A former astronaut finally wins the blue ribbon award on his 13th chick.
Day 17: Beauty and the Beat
After a witch turns her best friend into a dope boom box, Belle decides to enter France's Got Talent. She crushes it.
Day 18: Ad Max
In an apocalyptic desert wasteland only one man sells water, and he makes it look sexy as hell.
Day 19: The Princess Ride
After years apart two lovers are reunited, only to discover neither loves what the other has become. Produced by Adam Sandler.
Day 20: Ron Man
A disgruntled government employee builds a robo suit in his garage to help him stop the government he works for from getting any more work done.
Day 21: Dive
Ryan Gosling plays a mysteriously appealing scuba diving guide who gets mixed up in some shady business. He has like 12 lines the whole movie. He also stomps a shark to death.
Day 22: The Fat and the Furious
After a bunch of thugs steal his sweet car, Jerry spirals into a vicious rage eating depression. He gets super ripped for the sequel though.
Day 23: Man on Fir
The pacific northwest version of Tarzan.
Day 24: Alen
The story of a lonely cashier named Alen who yearns for something more. Something like eating astronauts.
Day 25: Scram
A thief with a penchant for masks keeps getting caught in the act.
Day 26: Twilight: New Moo
A young man tries to win a girl's heart with his new found bovine transformation skill. It doesn't go his way.
Day 27: Uno
A pregnant teen climbs to the top of the Uno rec league championship tournament.
Day 28: Oh Bother, Where Art Thou?
Convicted felon, Winnie, breaks out of jail with the help of his prison mates Tigger and Piglet, and set off on a cross-state journey to find his missing honey pot.
Day 29: The Princess and the Fro
A waitress goes natural and rocks a fro. Later she becomes a princess for some reason.
Day 30: Lord of the Rigs
The story of one man's unhealthy obsession with his truck.
Day 31: 30 The story of how one man, with the help of a mega amazing wife, gets serious about his art career in his fourth decade, while also rocking the hell out of being a dad.

You can pre-order prints and shirts of any of the pics here http://www.austindlight.com/pre-order/
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October 17 2014

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My Life.
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